Discreet internal control

TVA Vagt’s exit control aims to uncover and prevent internal fraud. Output check is an unannounced check that checks the employees at any time when they leave the area.

We know that it can be difficult to control its employees without creating insecurity and suggesting that they do not trust their employees. TVA Vakt will act as an external control and we make a virtue of courtesy and good service. In this way, control is performed without striking anyone over the toes.

Professional procedure

The controller carries the TVA Guard uniform so that the staff can recognize the controller. During the check, the controller politely requests the staff to open the jacket, bags or bags so that the checker can check whether the staff brings goods out of the store.

In cases where an employee has been with him, it is checked that the goods match the bean. Should an employee oppose the check, the reviewer will include this in his report.

The number of checks visits is individually adjusted. This benefit may be purchased permanently or for a period.